Joan Pau Cumellas uses Hohner Harmonicas

Joan Pau Cumellas

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Joan Pau Cumellas


Joan Pau is one of the leading exponents in Spain of the diatonic harmonica which he loves to push to the limits exploring its possibilities in different musical context.

He is currently one of the main members of the Barcelona Bluegrass Band and plays blues withMiguel Talavera as a duo. He also performs with the songwriter Quico Pi de la Serra and the jazz manuche guitaristValentí Moya.

Whether he is playing bluegrass, blues or swing manuche he takes the instrument up to surprising level. His versatility, has also allowed him to play with a diverse range of artists on the rock-pop, country and gospel Spanish stage and his harmonica music can be heard in more than 40 cds.

Joan Pau plays at numerous festivals in Spain and is known in countries like France, England, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland and Netherlands for it's participation in Blues and Bluegrass events.

He does harmonica jingles recordings for advertising announcements and musical sessions for radio, television and cinema.

He also is harmonica teacher in Barcelona, does workshops in different festivals, and makes harmonica sessions for children at schools.

Joan Pau has taught harmonica since 2000 and makes harmonica workshops for various festivals or independent musical organisations. Since 2003, in collaboration with the harmonica player from Paris Greg Zlap, he organises every summer the one week International Harmonica Workshop in Roses (Spain).